Local Swim Committees (LSC)

United State Swimming is divided into numerous Local Swim Committees (LSC). California is divided into five LSC's, and they include Central California Swimming (CCS), Pacific Swimming, Southern California Swimming, Sierra Nevada, and San Diego Imperial. Tule Nation Tritons is a member of CCS, and includes the geographical region with swimmers competing for teams in Merced to the North, Bakersfield in the south, Ridgecrest in the east, and Lemoore in the west. The table below reflect links to websites of LSC's where members of our team may compete:

LSC Explanation
Central California Use this site to enter into most swim meets that take place in CCS. This includes JO's, and other swim meets that take place within towns in CCS.
CCS (new) The Central California Swimming website is in transition beginning late in 2018. This link is for the initial set-up of the site. The meets tab appears to be updated.
Pacific Swimming Swim meets such as Far Westerns and Santa Clara International take place in this LSC. Swimmers cannot enter meets in this LSC using the CCS site. Use our Active site to enter team meets.
San Diego Imperial Occasionally, our team competes in the Age Group Championships in San Diego. Swimmers cannot use the CCS website to enter meets in San Diego Imperial. Use our Active site to enter team meets.
Sierra Nevada This is a smaller LSC (much like CCS), that exists just to the north of Merced.
Southern California This may be the largest LSC in California, and our team frequently travels to both age group (AA's) and senior (Junior Nationals & Nationals).

USA Swimming

USA Swimming Site Explanation
Time Search Find times for individual swimmers, or times for events.
Events Information related to national level senior and age group meets.
Athlete Protection Course Mandatory for coaches, and non-athlete members of USA Swimming, and optional for parents and swimmers.
Foundations for Coaching There are two swimming content courses that must be completed by all new coaches. Foundations 101 takes about 90 minutes, and must be completed early. Foundations 201 takes about 5 hours, and must be completed prior to the 2nd year of coaching.
Safety Training for Swim Coaches There is an on-line and in-pool component to the Safety Training certification. 
Safety Training for Swim Coaches on-line Register here for the Safety Training on-line portion of the course. Once this portion is completed, print the certificate and take it to the instructor who is administering the in-pool portion.
Background Check This is a 2-year requirement.
Concussion Protection Training California law pertinent to schools has expanded to include youth sports, and applies to coaches at the age group and national levels of competition. Parents and swimmers may click here to access information related to concussions. Print, sign and return the acknowledgement page to your coach.
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