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2020 Meet Calendars

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Meet Location Type Course Date
TNT Spring Reedley Age Group Long Course April 25-26
Hanford ABC Reedley Age Group Long Course April 4-5
qualifiers         entry report
Mission Viejo Senior Long Course June 4-7

Far Westerns      qualifiers

Pleasanton Age Group Short Course April 2-5

qualifiers          entry report

Clovis West Age Group Short Course March 19-22
Juanita Allington
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Clovis North Senior Short Course March 5-8

SC Junior Olympics

Clovis West Age Group Short Course February 14-17
Bakersfield New Years Bakersfield Age Group Short Course January 25-26
PUMA Polar Bear Arroyo Grande Age Group Short Course January 25-26

Fresno Senior TF

Fresno Senior Short Course January 17-19

Winter Open

Clovis North Age Group Short Course January 4-5

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Link Explanation
Active Registration As of November 2014, families must first register their swimmer on the Active site prior to signing up for certain travel swim meets. This is not a requirement when signing up for swim meets in Central California Swimming. Billing for meet entry fees will take place through the Active site. (click for screen shots)
Active Parent and Swimmer Portal Use this link to access the swimmer and parent portal of Active. USE THIS LINK TO SIGN UP FOR MEETS once the meet is posted onto your Active poral. There is no need to re-register. Once an e-mail invitation to sign up is received, sign up through the portal.
Active Hy-Tek's HOW TO USE YOUR PARENT PORTAL topics page
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