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Tule Nation Tritons is a Speedo sponsored team, and as such our uniform and training equipment reflect the Speedo brand. Speedo is arguably the leader in competitive swimming gear and has historically supplied athletes with high quality suits including the acclaimed Lazar that was showcased for the first time on a broad scale during the 2008 Olympic Trials, and then again at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. As a sponsor, Speedo provides racing suits to our swimmers who qualify at the Junior National level and higher, and this provision is made at no cost to the swimmer or family. Additionally, Speedo offers discounts to our team members when various Speedo products are purchased through Swim Suits West (our local Speedo distributor).


We encourage all athletes to be in uniform during all competitions. Our team suit is solid navy blue with the green TNT logo affixed to the right rear of the male suit, and center front on the female suit. Our suit remains the same from one year to the next, as this helps establish a consistent image of our club. TNT swim suits, parkas and warm-ups can be ordered through Swim Suits West in Fresno by calling 1-800-877-8117. Norm Allington of Swim Suits West is also present at various local swim meets throughout the year.


During competition, if the swimmer wears a swim cap, they are required to wear the team cap. Our general team cap is navy blue with the green TNT logo on the side. These caps are available from our team, or from Swim Suits West. Swimmers who qualify and attend age group or senior championship meets may earn a championship team cap which may alter the color scheme; however, the TNT logo remains constant.


Maintaining a consistent team image contributes to developing a sense of pride among all our swimmers during local swim meets and enhances the potential for recognition that our swimmers may receive from college recruiters while at higher levels of competition. Swimmers who have excelled in the past have provided an avenue toward college recognition for those current TNT swimmers who desire to make the sacrifices and commitment necessary to also receive that recognition. The establishment of a uniformed image is considered important. Just as no individual player on an NFL or NBA team would ever consider taking the field or court in individualized apparel, we also try to instill in our youth the value of belonging to a team. Being able to contribute as a team member is a skill that transcends sports and is a trait that our young members will need to adopt as they enter into professions of adulthood.


Other team items that can be ordered through the club include:

• Training Equipment
• Parka
• Swim Suit
• Team Bag
• Miscellaneous Merchandise
Team Sweats (Warm-up) - click for 2016 order form

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